Colored fibre cement boards LATONIT for exterior wall cladding

Colored fibre cement boards

LATONIT fibre cement boards are intended to be used in ventilated cladding of multistoried buildings, both newly built and reconstructed, as well as for interior cladding of buildings and constructions. The proposed material allows all-the-year-round dry installation, economical and reliable restoration of any façade, and reduces building heat losses.

Acrylic-dispersion-based painting compounds specifically developed for fibre cement boards are used to paint LATONIT boards. After being applied and polymerized, they form weatherproof, vapor-permeable protective and decorative coating having high wear and temperature-drop resistance. The painting color may be selected from RAL, NSC, RAL Design catalogs or customer’s samples.


  • Choice and environmentally friendly raw materials NO heavy metals, NO solvents, NO formaldehydes, No potentially hazardous chemicals
  • Conformity to Russian quality standards LATONIT fiber cement boards have passed all the certification tests and have the required certificates of conformity and technical approvals by the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.
  • Fire safety Nonflammable and non-fire spreading
  • Undemanding to weather conditions Fiber cement boards may be used at -50 °C to +80 °C, with their quality and dimensions always remaining stable regardless of temperature and humidity
  • 100 % recyclable material The company assists in recycling of its product at the end of their lifecycle
  • Conformity to European quality standards The quality and safety of LATONIT fiber cement boards is supported by a European Union Certificate. That certificate entitles to apply EC mark on the products, which indicates that the manufacturer provides the customers with exceptionally quality and safe products that do not contain or emit noxious substances during processing or operation
  • Safety for human health LATONIT fiber cement boards do not contain or emit noxious substances during processing or operation


Length, mm: 1200, 3000, 3600
Width, mm: 1500
Thickness, mm: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

* Note: Boards of different sizes may be manufactured upon coordination with the customer

Physico-mechanical properties:

  • Ultimate flexural strength, MPa (kgf/cm2), minimum:

    21,5 (215 kg/cm2)

  • Toughness, minimum:

    2 kJ/cm2

  • Weathering resistance (number of cycles): 90

    - Protective properties: No coating disbondment or visible defects A31

    - Decorative properties: Minor lightening of coating color AD2

    After exposure to water and 5 % NaOH solution, 3 % sea salt solution, no color change or coating disbondment should occur. AD1A31

  • Density:

    1,65 g/cm3

  • Freeze thaw resistance:

    - Number of alternating freezing and thawing cycles: 150

    - Residual strength, minimum: 90%

  • Paint and varnish coating resistance to static effect of liquids:

    After exposure to 0,5 % H2SO4 solution, minor color lightening is allowed. No coating disbondment or visible defects are allowed. AD2A31

    - Nominal light resistance: No change in color or appearance is allowed

    - Paint and varnish coating adhesion: 1