Twelve different colorful tones give the SILBONIT boards an exceptionally natural look, which is their main feature. Its outstanding mechanical properties make it one of the most suitable materials for safe, elegant and high-quality solutions. Its surface is characterized by shades of color, small conglomerates of raw materials and poorly curved lines.

Silbonite Hydrofobic is a homogeneous painted material (painted in mass). Non-combustible material European standard EN 12467: 2012 A2-s1, d0. The panel is ready to be assembled without the need for additional grinding, dyeing or any further processing. The panels can be mounted on wooden, aluminum, galvanized steel frame and wooden frame.

The SILBONIT Hydrofobic panel is covered with an additional plate protection, so the sheet has a reduced water absorption of ≤ 9%. In addition, the treated sheets have the highest rating according to European Standard EN 12467: 2012 A5. The plates absorb much less water, which means that external weather is less affected.

Sheet size:

  • Length, mm: 2500; 3000
  • Width, mm: 1200
  • Thickness, mm: 6; 8; 10; 12; 15; 20; 25; 30